Mad Hatter Par-Teas, LLC Policies

Payment: To book your event, a non-refundable deposit is required. Your final payment is due before your event. For custom events we require a non-refundable payment of 50% of your total event package. To cover the advance costs associated with designing your event (i.e. cost of making any new props, ordering supplies, vendor deposits, etc.). Your final payment is due two weeks before your event.

Outdoor Parties: If the weather is nice, you may take the party outdoors to a clean and dry area such as a patio, deck, or garage. We reserve the right to determine if the outdoor area is suitable for our decorations and props. In addition, please have an indoor back-up location available to accommodate all guests in case of inclement weather conditions. Please advise Mad Hatter Par-Teas of the possibility of an outdoor party in advance.

Long Term Rentals: Because of the availability and expense of some of our props, some are not available for extended time or overnight rentals. Most prices are quoted for one day charge. If you desire to use any rental items for a longer period or overnight, please call for long-term rates.

Linen Rentals: Linen should be free of debris and air dried to prevent staining and mildew. Please do not place wet or damp linen in plastic bags. A fee will be charged for linen replacement or damage.

Setup/Takedown & Clean Up: We are not responsible for collecting any decorations that is not Mad Hatter Par-Teas or waste after the event has ended. We only deliver, setup and remove Mad Hatter Par-Teas decorations.

Decorations, Props Care and Damage: We appreciate your consideration by ensuring that our property is treated gently and carefully. Please safeguard our decorations & props and be sure it is protected and secured from the weather when not in use. We understand that accidents can happen, however, if any of our items are damaged or broken during your event, there will be a charge for the replacement of any items damaged.

Security Deposit: On events that a member of Mad Hatter Par-Teas is not present during the event. An authorized credit card is required and must be on file with us on all rentals. There will not be any charges unless any of the rented items is broken, damaged, or not returned on time. Client is responsible for all items rented until they are picked up by our team at your location. 

Liability: Mad Hatter Par-Teas, its owners, employees or volunteers assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents, personal injury, fire, theft, or any damages caused during your event to your guests or your chosen venue. Mad Hatter Par-Teas, its owners, employees or volunteers are also not responsible for allergic reactions or any other medical reaction from the wearing of costumes, food, or any of our activities during the event.

Delivery and Pick-up Fee: No delivery fee if your party location is inside Mustang School District. A delivery fee starting at $35.00 will be added to the final balance if your party location is outside Mustang School District and in the Oklahoma City area. A delivery fee of $1.00 per mile will be added to the final balance if your party location is outside Oklahoma City, Okla. Mileage will be determined via Map Quest Additional fee may be added if a rental vehicle is needed for delivery and pickup.

Reschedule: Mad Hatter Par-Teas, LLC will always do our best to accommodate our clients and their activities. If you need to reschedule your party because of bad weather we are happy to do so at no additional cost. The dates or times may vary if conditions out of our control occur such as inclement weather. We reserve the right to rescheduled delivery, setup and takedown dates or times to ensure the safety of our clients, their guests and all individuals that may be assisting Mad Hatter Par-Teas, LLC. If we need to reschedule your event, our clients wills always have first choice on all open dates before scheduling any other parties/events at no extra cost to them.

Other Considerations: For purposes of maintaining the highest quality of our costumes, linens and props, we kindly ask that any food and beverages that will be served to the children while in costume be approved beforehand. Beverages should be light colored or clear (no cola products or fruit punch) and please, no food items containing tomatoes, tomato sauce or dark colored jellies. We reserve the right to refuse certain food items that may damage our costumes, linens and props. Please let us know beforehand what food items you would like to serve.  Although we understand accidents may happen, the client may be held responsible for excessive damage to Mad Hatter Par-Teas property.